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February 2018

It’s a wonderful time of the year! The rains have arrived, renewing the bright green grasses on our hillsides—in many cases blanketing over the fire damage to the wildlands in Sonoma County. The recent sunny weather has prompted the mustard and wildflowers to bloom between the twisted, dormant grapevines. Crush is in the rearview mirror—and the first vintage of our newest varietals (Petite Sirah and Mourvèdre) are tucked away safely in barrel, next to their Rhone-sibling, Syrah. It’s the time of year we can almost take a bit of a breather.

But then there’s the olive oil: we’ve been busy harvesting, pressing, and bottling olive oil! This year, our Healdsburg neighbors offered us their olives—their trees were propagated from those we imported from Italy back in 2003. The results are typical for Montemaggiore Extra Virgin Olive Oil: spicy and rich, with the distinctive peppery finish of fresh Tuscan-varietal olive oil.

2017 Olive Oil Release

On a dry sunny day in November, a small crew of us picked 800 pounds of Leccino, Pendolino, and Frantoio olives. Vincent and Paolo laid nets on the ground, then combed the more prolific trees with hand rakes. Meanwhile, Lise and our neighbor Dave tackled the sparse trees with just their hands and buckets slung around their necks. A few friends came and went helping to pick, but mostly providing additional lively conversation. A long day’s work produced 15 gallons of gleaming golden extra virgin olive oil. And no injuries to report!

If you love fresh olive oil even half as much as we do, you’ll want to get some of the 2017 Olive Oil before we run out. Use it for dipping fresh bread, drizzling on a braised vegetables, or dolloping on top of a winter soup. $30 for 375ml.

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Wine to warm up your Winter

Need something to warm up your winter? A six-bottle vertical of perfected-aged Syrah is just the remedy! These well-aged wines pair perfectly with a good book, a fire, a hearty stew, a hot tub, or even a cigar. They are guaranteed to chase away the chill!

With six bottles of Syrah, from the 2006 vintage through 2011, you’ll be able to take your time contemplating the effects of weather on wine flavor and texture. Write notes as you taste through each bottle, or better yet, invite some friends over so you can open more bottles and compare notes. It’s a great excuse for a dinner party or just a late afternoon get together with neighbors. 

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Tastings in San Francisco, Oregon, and Colorado

If you are planning to be in any of those locations over the next few months, please join us for a glass of wine!

  • San Francisco on Saturday, February 15: Chronicle Wine Competition Tasting. Hundreds of wines from virtually every appellation in America.
  • Oregon on Saturday, April 7: Winemaker Dinner on the Rogue. An intimate, multi-course, wine pairing dinner at the spectacular TuTuTun Lodge, right on the Rogue River (pictured)
  • Colorado from June 28-July 1: Telluride Wine Festival. The best little wine festival in the greatest little mountain town. 

We hope to see you soon!

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