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Estate Vineyards

Below are frequently asked questions regarding our estate vineyards. You may also have questions about Montemaggiore in general, Wine & Olive Oil, Orders & Shipping, Visits to Montemaggiore, and Wine Club Membership.

  1. Why are estate grapes so important?
  2. Why are mountainside vineyards important for wine quality?
  3. Why do you practice organic and biodynamic farming?
  4. What's so special about Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma County?

Why are estate grapes so important?

Estate grapes are the key to consistently producing world-class wines. Utilizing our own vineyards, Montemaggiore has a constant source of grapes that we know intimately, which allows us to fully integrate grapegrowing and winemaking practices. We can focus on quality over quantity in the vineyard: we can pick the grapes by block at the optimum ripeness in however large or small quantities required, and the time from harvest to fermentation is minimized. Because we own the vineyards, our wines have a consistent style that you can count on for excellence. Winemakers who don't own grapes are at the mercy of the market; perhaps searching for new grape sources every year, leading to wines of inconsistent style and quality. 

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Why are mountainside vineyards important for wine quality?

Steep vineyards are the key to producing grapes of great intensity—just look at all the great vineyards of France, Germany, and Italy. Mountainsides tend to be very rocky and have very thin topsoils, along with excellent drainage. This leads to naturally low-yielding vines, small grapes, and wines of wonderful intensity and flavor—especially important for Syrah, a very vigorous vine that can produce high volumes of low quality fruit when grown in deep, moisture-retaining soils.  For additional insight into mountainside vineyards, read our blog post on the subject.

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Why do you practice organic and biodynamic farming?

We farm organically and biodynamically for so many reasons:

  • We live on our property, raise our son and animals here, and drink the water from a well on our property thus we want the cleanest air and water possible. We believe that organic and biodynamic farming are the best way to sustain our health and the environment.
  • We believe that this method of farming helps us make the best wine possible, brings strength, vitality and a unique sense of place to Montemaggiore wines.
  • Vincent's father practiced Biodynamic farming (although he didn't use this name) in Montemaggiore, Italy using techniques passed down through the generations. 

In addition, you should read the page on our website devoted to the topic of organic and biodynamic farming.

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What's so special about Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma County?

We love Dry Creek Valley and Sonoma County for its gorgeous landscape, variety of delicious yet reasonably priced wines, historic winemaking past, and down-to-earth people. Sonoma is not just solely a wine-growing region as we have great cheeses, outdoor activities, restaurants, and olive oils—all of which you can enjoy on your visit. Dry Creek Valley has over 70 wineries, nearly all family-owned, offering unique wines and tasting experiences. You'll meet the winemakers and growers who have been producing premium wines for generations over. 

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Mountain Grown Wines

Why do mountain grapes produce such good wines? 

Organic & Biodynamic

Learn how we farm our vineyards without chemicals.

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