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Below are frequently asked questions regarding Montemaggiore in general. You may also have more specific questions about Wine & Olive Oil, Orders & Shipping, Visits to Montemaggiore, Wine Club Membership, and our Estate Vineyards.

  1. How is Montemaggiore pronounced?
  2. What is so special about Montemaggiore?
  3. What is Montemaggiore's mission?

How is Montemaggiore pronounced?

Montemaggiore is an Italian word pronounced "mohn ta ma JOHR ray".  Translated into English, the name means great mountain—"monte" means mountain and "maggiore" means great, or major.  Montemaggiore is also the name of the town in southern Italy that is our ancestral home.  We thought the name was fitting because it reflects the steep mountainside of our Sonoma vineyards while paying homage to our Italian heritage (along with the Italian heritage of California wine industry).

By the way, when pronouncing "mohn ta ma JOHR ray", you will roll your Rs better if you wave your hands like an Italian. 

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What is so special about Montemaggiore?

Here at Montemaggiore, we believe smaller is better. Thinking small means that we focus on one varietal, Syrah—we can research, experiment, learn and perfect the growing and vinification of Syrah. Thinking small means utilizing small-production mountainside grapes—the steep slopes of mountain vineyards naturally yield small grapes in small quantities with big flavors. Lastly, thinking small means producing small lots of wine that are vinified separately and blended for the optimal flavors.

We are a small team. Vincent makes sure that our grapes are of the highest quality and farmed responsibly, while Lise ensures that our wines maintain the utmost "delisciousness" not only upon release but also for years to come. We plan to remain small, producing less than 1,000 cases, which allows us to make exceptional wines that reflect unique terroirs.

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What is Montemaggiore's mission?

Montemaggiore's mission is to consistently produce world-class Rhône-inspired wines and olive oils from mountainside terroir in Sonoma County. Our goal is to produce exceptional wines that take advantage of each vintage's nuances, a variation that is Mother Nature's gift.  We never want to make an "industrial" wine that tastes the same each vintage. We also promise to promote good stewardship of the land, air, and water around us. Ultimately, our aim is to produce wine that you are proud to share with your friends and family. 

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