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Orders & Shipping

Below are frequently asked questions regarding ordering and shipping. You may also have questions about Montemaggiore in general, Wine & Olive Oil, Visits to Montemaggiore, Wine Club Membership, and our Estate Vineyards.

  1. To which states is shipping included on the Holiday Specials?
  2. Why does Montemaggiore recommend shipping to a business address?
  3. What if I prefer not to send packages to my place of work, and no one is home during the day?
  4. How are shipping charges calculated?
  5. Why isn't shipping free or included to my state?
  6. How do I know it is safe to order over the Web?
  7. What if I am not at home to receive a wine shipment?
  8. Can I provide specific delivery instructions?
  9. What if the weather is too warm to ship wine?
  10. How do I cancel or return an order?

To which states is shipping included on the Holiday Specials?

During the end-of-year holidays, we include shipping in the price of several special wine gifts to 41 states plus Washington DC.  Shipping is not included to AR, AK, DE, HI, MS, NH, UT.  

Shipping wine to these ten states can be expensive, but shipping olive oil (which the US Postal Service can deliver), is fairly reasonable.  Contact us for more information.

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Why does Montemaggiore recommend shipping to a business address?

We suggest shipping to a business address for quality and convenience:

  • Quality: Packages are generally delivered to businesses in the morning and residences in the afternoon, thus wine sent to a business address will spend the least amount of time in the delivery truck (with its potential temperature extremes).
  • Convenience: Every wine shipment requires an adult signature of receipt, thus someone must be home to sign for residential deliveries. During the day, someone may be more likely to be available at a business.

98% of shipments sent to business addresses are received on-time the first time!

We certainly understand that it may not be always convenient or appropriate to ship to your place of work, in which case we are happy to ship to your home. 

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What if I prefer not to send packages to my place of work, and no one is home during the day?

Since wine requires an adult signature upon receipt, your UPS or FedEx delivery person will probably not leave your package if no one is home.  If you work during the day and prefer not to receive packages there, consider sending the package to a UPS Store, FedEx Ship Center, or an independent mail facility.  

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How are shipping charges calculated?

Our shipping rates are fixed based on the number of bottles to be shipped and the state to which they are being sent.  For simplicity, shipping rates are identical for 1-3 bottles, 4-6 bottles, 7-9 bottles, and 10-12 bottles.  In addition, for most orders, shipping of 12 bottles (one case) is free!  We are in the wine business, not the shipping business, so our goal is not to make money by charging our customers more for shipping than the carrier charges us (overall).

Shipping charges are pre-calculated from UPS and FedEx shipping tables based on state and the number of wine bottles (or weight) you are shipping.  We update these prices at least annually, if not quarterly.

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Why isn't shipping free or included to my state?

We do include shipping in the price for all wine orders of 12 bottles or more with some restrictions:

  • Only applies to Ground shipping, and not 2Day Air.
  • Does not apply to wine shipped to the states of AR, AK, DE, MS, NH, UT. (note that we do not ship to HI at all).
  • Only applies to certain wines and cannot be combined with other offers, thus only applies to wine purchased at retail price. For example, wine receiving a Wine Club discount is excluded.

For alcoholic beverages, it is illegal to provide anything for free, thus technically, shipping would have to be included rather than free.

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How do I know it is safe to order over the Web?

The security of your sensitive information is very important to us. When you enter credit card information on our order forms, it is encrypted using Secure Socket Layer technology, the same technology used by Amazon.

If you do not feel comfortable ordering over the web, you can always call us at 707.433.9499, or send us an email with the basics of your order (and we will call you later for credit card details).

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What if I am not at home to receive a wine shipment?

The shipper will attempt to deliver the package three times or will leave a notice that a delivery was attempted and ask you to make redelivery arrangements. We typically ship via FedEx or UPS, and they will allow you to make special delivery arrangements via their website (FedEx Delivery Manager or UPS My Choice). Alternatively, you can go to their website and track the package, at which time you are given the option to Customize Delivery.

If you know you will not be at home due to vacation or travel at the time we are shipping, please add Special Instructions at checkout or contact us via email or phone and we will be happy to hold your shipment until your return. 

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Can I provide specific delivery instructions?

If you'd like us to ship out your package on a specific date, just let us know when you place your order. Once your package is shipped, FedEx Delivery Manager and UPS My Choice allow you to:

  • schedule a specific time of delivery
  • redirect to another address (an extra charge may apply)
  • hold your package at a FedEx location near you
  • specify that the package be left at your back door (for example)

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What if the weather is too warm to ship wine?

If the weather is too warm to ship wine, you have three options:

  • Delay your shipment until the cooler months. You can request this at checkout under "Special Instructions", but even if you don't, we will contact you if we feel the wine would be adversely affected by weather.
  • Utilize UPS Temp Control which guarantees transportation at a wine-friendly 55ºF temperature through the hottest part of the country.
  • Utilize using UPS 2Day, for example, which will mean your wine has less chance of being exposed to extreme temperatures.

For summertime deliveries to the mid-West and East Coast, we think that UPS Temp Control is a great shipping solution.  Your wine is picked up in a refrigerated truck, then put into a refrigerated rail car and transported to your regional hub.  There are a few caveats:

  • The “last miles” between the UPS hub and your home or office is not temperature controlled.  If possible, ship to a commercial address because your wine is typically delivered in the morning (prior to all residential addresses) which reduces chance of exposure.  The maximum time your wine would not be under temperature control is typically less than 24 hours, but could be up to 48.
  • The Temp Control service is available to most states in the mid-West and East Coast, but only to select areas within those states.  See below for specific zip codes.  In the unlikely case that your area is not covered, we will call you to discuss shipping alternatives before you incur any charges.
  • Total delivery time may be increased up to 14 days because wine leaves northern California only on scheduled dates depending on the ship-to address.  During this delay, the wine is kept in temperature controlled warehouse.  If timing is important to you, please call us and we will provide more detail.

UPS Cold Ship is available to most urban and suburban areas in the mid-West and East Coast  Here is a list of zipcodes and states where it is available (* denotes only partial coverage in that zip code):

AL 350-359, 360-361*, 362-363, 364*, 365, 366*, 367-369
AR 718*, 719, 720-721*, 722
CT 060-067, 068-069*
DC 200*, 202-205
DE 197-199
FL 320-329, 330*, 331, 349
GA 300-302*, 303-309, 310-311*, 312-317, 318*, 398-399
IA 500-516, 520-528
IL 600-629
IN 460-479
KS 660-662, 664-679, 670-671*, 672
KY 400-401*, 403*, 404-409, 410*, 411-418, 420-426, 427*
LA 700-708, 713*
MD 206-219
MI 480-499
MN 550-551, 553-567
MO 630-631, 633, 640-641, 644-658
MS 386-397
NC 270-289
ND 580, 582-583
NE 680-688, 689*, 691*
NJ 070-089
NY 005,100-128, 129-131*, 132, 133-134*, 135-136, 137-138*, 139-147, 148-149* 
OH 430-432, 433*, 434-459
OK 730-731, 734-741, 743-749
RI 028-029
SC 290-299
SD 576-577*
TN 370-376, 377-378*, 379-385
TX 733*, 750-770, 772-779, 780-782*, 786*, 787, 789, 792*, 795-796, 797*
VA 226-229, 230-231*, 232, 233-235*, 236-246
VT 050, 051*, 052-059
WI 530-532, 534-535, 537-549
WV 247-261, 263-267, 268*


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How do I cancel or return an order?

If you would like to cancel an order or return wine you already received, please call us at 707.433.9499.  If your order can be cancelled before it was shipped out, we will refund your money completely.

Returning wine can be tricky because by California and Federal law, we are unable to accept returns of alcoholic beverages unless the product is flawed (e.g., corked). We will replace or refund the purchase price on any wine that is flawed or otherwise deemed unacceptable for consumption.  Simply return the unfinished portion of the original bottle for replacement.  Please know that we want all our customers to be happy with our wine, and we will do our best to make that so.


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