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Ciao David & Carrie

Healdsburg, CA

Seattle, Washington (Carrie), and Laingsburg, Michigan (David)

Favorite underappreciated wine:
Torront├ęs, a white wine from Argentina. It's inexpensive, food-friendly, and very easy to drink.

Most memorable wine:
There are two: the 1981 Ducru Beaucaillou from St. Julien in Bordeaux and the 1996 Delinger Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley here in Sonoma County.

Recommended destination for a glass of wine:
The Elk Cove Inn, on the Mendocino Coast.

Favorite sports teams:
The Detroit Tigers (David) and the Seattle Seahawks (Carrie).

Source of your first interest in food and wine:
We came to food and wine from completely different perspectives. Starting at age 18 when David waited tables at a fine restaurant, he couldn't drink the wine, but he knew he had to learn about it. To this day, he has an uncanny memory for specific wines which he attributes to having memorized stacks of baseball cards as a child. Carrie, the foodie in the family, attributes her love of cooking to her mother who baked three loaves of bread every three days for the family. Carrie went on to study baking at the California Culinary Academy then moved to Sonoma County as a baker. Just living in Sonoma County, one must become interested in wine.

Favorite recent food-wine pairing:
Sur Lie Muscadet with Hog Island Oysters. While the oysters come from Sonoma County, the white wine hails from France where the Loire meets the Atlantic. The availability of seafood in this region have made oysters a classic pairing with this wine. It's made from the Melon du Bourgogne grape and aged on it's lees, making it more full-bodied and rich.

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