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Vincent Ciolino
December 15, 2009 | Environment, Farming, Vineyard | Vincent Ciolino

Biodynamic Certification: is it necessary?

At Montemaggiore, we are proud of farming in an environmentally-sensitive manner called "biodynamic". In short, Biodynamics is a level above and beyond organic farming. With its unique focus on farm biodiversity, soil fertility, and self-sufficiency, we believe biodynamics brings strength, vitality and a unique sense of place to Montemaggiore wines.  For more information, see our website or the Demeter website.

We started practicing biodynamic farming in 2005, and just this past summer became officially certified Biodynamic by Demeter. Our entire estate was certified, thus both our winegrapes and Olive Oil. In fact, we're the first Biodynamic Olive Oil in Sonoma County. Most people may not care, after all it's the taste of the wine that matters most, but for us it's a great milestone.

We initially questioned whether we should bother spending the time, money, and energy to become officially certified. Isn't it enough to know that you are doing the right thing without needing someone else to pat you on the back? Yes, that's true, but since we were new to biodynamic farming, we decided to prove to ourselves that we were correctly following the exacting standards. Also, we wanted to assure our customers that not only do we say we are biodynamic, but an independent organization has certified that we actually comply with the high standards. The terms "sustainable", "organic", and "biodynamic" are confusing enough, yet without certification, the terms can become meaningless. Hence, after four years of practicing biodynamic farming, we are excited to be officially certified!


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