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Food Pairing Challenge

If you enjoy both wonderful wines and fabulous food, join us in discovering sublime pairings of both at Montemaggiore's 5th Annual Wine Pairing Challenge.  This event takes place on Saturday, February 21st 2015 from 2–5pm. Members should login to order tickets.

Food Pairing Tickets

The concept behind the Food Pairing Challenge is that each participant (or couple, or small group) brings a dish they've created that they think pairs well with a particular Montemaggiore wine: 3Divas, Rose, Syrah or Nobile. Everyone tastes everyone else's dish and rates their favorite pairings. The results will be tallied, and prizes given for the best pairing with each wine, along with the best dessert. After the event all the recipes will be shared so you can recreate your new favorites at home.

If you choose to accept this challenge, we request that you bring the food component of your favorite pairing along with the recipe. Of course, the wine component will be provided by us. The maximum number of participants is forty, so please be prepared to bring enough of the dish for forty small, "tasting" portions. You may enter your dish in one of the four primary categores of "3Divas", "Rosé", "Syrah", and "Nobile"—or the "Dessert" category. There are no rules around the dishes—and if you'd like ideas, you can check out our webpage on food pairing, or the pairing suggestions on each wine's page (3Divas, Rosé, Syrah, Nobile). This event will be held at our house, thus our kitchen will be available for last minute preparations (although obviously space is limited). We will provide plates and forks, but if your dish requires cups or anything else special, please let us know and we'll try to accommodate.