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Wine Club Membership

Below are frequently asked questions regarding membership in the Montemaggiore Wine Club. You may also have questions about Montemaggiore in general,  Wine & Olive Oil, Orders & Shipping, Visits to Montemaggiore,  and our Estate Vineyards.

  1. Why does Montemaggiore have a Wine Club?
  2. I've never belonged to a Wine Club, why would I want to join one?
  3. How is the Montemaggiore Wine Club different from others?
  4. What are the benefits to being a Montemaggiore Wine Club member?
  5. How many wine clubs does Montemaggiore have?
  6. What is the annual cost?
  7. What wines are included?
  8. Why are your wine clubs focused on red wines?
  9. When are the Club Releases?
  10. May I order additional wine?
  11. How do I change my credit card or shipping address on file?
  12. How long am I committed to being a club member?

Why does Montemaggiore have a Wine Club?

We started our Wine Club back in 2004 at the urging of our friends, Rene and Ross, who really enjoyed our unique mountain-grown estate Syrahs. They wanted to be able to sample each of our wines and enjoy them on a regular basis along with the convenience of having the wine "automatically" shipped to their doorstep. They already belonged to several other wine clubs and really enjoyed the experience, so they convinced us to form the Montemaggiore Wine Club and became our first Wine Club members. For a small family business like ours, the loyalty of wine club members like Ross and Rene is highly appreciated. 

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I've never belonged to a Wine Club, why would I want to join one?

About half our members belong to other wine clubs, and for the rest, Montemaggiore is their only Club membership. People tell us they appreciate wine clubs because they appreciate:

  • always having really good wine on hand to serve impromptu house guests
  • bringing distinctive wines to dinner parties and introducing friends to a new winery
  • remembering their trips to wine country with the wines they drink
  • supporting a small family business

With a small-production winery like Montemaggiore, our wines are not available for purchase around the country, in grocery stores and wine shops. Since many of our wines sell out quickly to just the Wine Club, membership provides customers with a convenient way to regularly enjoy our wines.

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How is the Montemaggiore Wine Club different from others?

Personally, we have belonged to many wine clubs throughout our lives (and continue to do so), thus we've designed the Montemaggiore Wine Club as the one we like most! Our primary goal is flexibility because we don't like one-size-fits-all clubs. Everyone has different tastes, and we never want people to receive Montemaggiore wine that they are less than excited about. Thus we offer you the flexibility to switch out the standard Wine Club selection with whatever wines you prefer (including perfectly-cellared library wines).

You will receive an email a few weeks before the Club release date with all the details, thus you'll be able to (a) include any wines you prefer, (b) arrange to either pick up the wines in Healdsburg or ship them, or (c) arrange an alternate shipment date.

We would also like to believe that we offer the most personal and personable service you'll ever find in a Wine Club. 

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What are the benefits to being a Montemaggiore Wine Club member?

Besides the ease of having Montemaggiore wines delivered right to your door, you'll enjoy:

  • First access to new wine releases, many of which sell out to our Wine Club
  • Invitations to members-only events, including our annual Harvest Party
  • 15-20% discount on all wine purchases
  • Ability to tailor Club Selections to suit your individual desires
  • Unlimited access to library wines, which are no longer in circulation

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How many wine clubs does Montemaggiore have?

We offer two wine Clubs: Club Primo and Club Secondo. The primary deciding factor between the clubs will be the amount of Montemaggiore wine you'd like to enjoy on a monthly basis. Do you think you'd like to drink 2 bottles a month or 1 bottle a month? With Club Primo, you'll receive 24 bottles annually, released in two shipments of 12 bottles (thus 2 bottles per month). With Club Secondo, you'll receive 12 bottles annually, released in two shipments of 6 bottles (one bottle per month).

All club members receive an extensive club newsletter with each release along with detailed winemaker notes on each of the wines. You'll also receive an invitation to our very popular members-only harvest party in October called Vendemmia. For being a loyal Club Primo member, you'll receive a 20% discount on all wines, whereas Club Secondo members receive a 15% discount. 

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What is the annual cost?

The Wine Club is free to join (and you are free to cancel at any time, although we prefer if you stay with us for at least a year). Your cost is determined by the club to which you belong, the wines we are releasing, and the exact wines you select. The Club Secondo wines run about $200 for each semi-annual shipment, while the Club Primo wines are more like $400. The tax will depend on your state, as will shipping costs.

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What wines are included?

We generally provide our newest releases to Wine Club members so you can enjoy them and stock up before they're made available to the public—that is, if there's any remaining after the Club release. Because our production levels are small, many of our wines are only available to our Wine Club.

In general, our red wines are released to the Club three years after vintage because they spend 18-24 months in barrel, and then another 18-24 months in bottle. The Syrahs are released in the spring, while the Cabernet-Syrah blends are released in the fall.

While generally we select the newest releases, a unique feature of our club is your ability to customize each shipment. You will receive a notification via email that outlines our selections for the release and you may accept it as recommended or change the shipment to any other wines we still have available for sale. 

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Why are your wine clubs focused on red wines?

Your wine club selection can always be customized to include our 3Divas (white Rhône blend) and/or Rosé, but our standard selection always consists of red wines. Most of our fans usually drink red wine, and we specialize in red wine. In addition, we don't make enough of the 3Divas and Rosé to include them in the standard selection. But just let us know what you prefer, and we'd be happy to customize your wine club selection to include other-than-red wines.

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When are the Club Releases?

Wine Club releases occur twice a year, in the Spring and in the Fall, when the weather is relatively cool all around the country. The spring release of our Syrah and Syrafina generally occurs in March or April, while the fall release of our Cabernet-Syrah blend occurs in October or November. We notify you several weeks prior to an upcoming shipment with a detailed email. The email lets you know which wines are being released and when they will ship. Your credit card on file is then charged a day or two prior to the shipment; once the wine is shipped, an email with tracking information is automatically sent. 

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May I order additional wine?

Yes, you may always order additional wine to be shipped along with your wine club shipment or afterwards (as long as supplies last). For example, many Club members order additional wine with the fall release in order to have stock up for the holiday season. 

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How do I change my credit card or shipping address on file?

Simply log into your account on the Montemaggiore website, and select "Account Profile" to change your shipping address or "Credit Card" to change your credit card information.  By default, your username is your email address, and your password can be emailed to you if necessary (simply follow the link after "Forgot username or password?" in the login panel).

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How long am I committed to being a club member?

We ask you to retain your club membership for a minimum of one year, although we require no legal commitment. We have always hated the multi-page wine club commitment forms that some wineries require. We're a small business, and we remain focused on what's best for you. If you'd like to leave the club either temporarily or permanently, just let us know. 

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