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Montemaggiore Blog

We are winegrowers not professional writers, thus this blog will probably only be updated a few times a year.  In fact most of these posts either have appeared or will appear in our quarterly newsletter. Having said that, we hope you enjoy our insights on winemaking and winegrowing on a boutique level.  We welcome your opinions and questions—and even your suggestions on future topics. 

Vincent Ciolino
January 15, 2013 | Vincent Ciolino

Olive Oil Demystified

Just the names alone for olive oil can be confusiing. And what does "extra virgin, cold pressed" mean anyway? And why should you care? Learn all the fundamentals of olive oil enjoyment.  Continue »

Vincent Ciolino
December 15, 2011 | Vincent Ciolino

Pollination is a fragile process easily disrupted by rain

Learn about the timing, difficulties, and statistics behind the pollination of both grapevines and olive trees. It's a much more fragile process than you would think. And it has huge consequences every vintage.  Continue »

Vincent Ciolino
February 15, 2009 | Vincent Ciolino

The Process of making Olive Oil

Although you may understand how wine is made, olive oil is quite different—it's much simpler and quicker.  Continue »