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Montemaggiore Blog

We are winegrowers not professional writers, thus this blog will probably only be updated a few times a year.  In fact most of these posts either have appeared or will appear in our quarterly newsletter. Having said that, we hope you enjoy our insights on winemaking and winegrowing on a boutique level.  We welcome your opinions and questions—and even your suggestions on future topics. 

Lise Ciolino
January 22, 2016 | Lise Ciolino

Vintage Chart for Paolo's Vineyard Syrah

We recently tasted every single vintage of Paolo’s Vineyard Syrah that we’ve ever produced—an exciting and enlightening event given that we don't often taste all these wines side-by-side. The resulting vintage chart will help you decide whether to open that special bottle of Montemaggiore Syrah now or hang on to it.  Continue »

Lise Ciolino
August 28, 2014 | Lise Ciolino

Berry Sensory Analysis: this winemaker's favorite harvest tool

How does a winemaker precisely assess ripeness in grapes? And do flavors in the grapes translate into flavors in the wine? The answers to these questions lend insight into how Montemaggiore chooses when to harvest the grapes.  Continue »

Lise Ciolino
September 15, 2012 | Lise Ciolino

Crush = Excitement + Anxiety + Thrill

The harvest season, fondly known as "Crush", is a thrilling time here in Wine Country. It's exciting, nerve-wracking and satisfying all at the same time. Learn about a typical harvest day at Montemaggiore and the cardio-vascular workout that Lise gets.  Continue »

Lise Ciolino
September 15, 2007 | Lise Ciolino

The Optimal Time of Harvest

Choosing the optimal time to pick the grapes is a winemakers most important decision. The flavor of the skins and the ripeness of the seeds are the most important factors.  Continue »